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JoeFarr asks 6SISS

Thank you 6SISS for taking part.

Tell me about your production process, how do you start a track and where does it go from there? 

Most of the time i'm starting by creating the groove, the motor of the track ... then building an atmosphere and fitting in some hooks. That's my starting point but most of the time it's messing around. Any new track is a new experiment. Starting with a straight forward 4/4 techno beat and ending with an experimental broken beat is common. If i don't feel it from the start, it will probably end up quickly into the trash can. Realising now, i'm working also track by track, no multi-tracking.

How has that changed over the years? Why ?

Nothing is actually change over the years ... Perhaps i'm concentrating now on really feeling the music more. 

Tell me about your live/hybrid sets. What are the technical challenges you’ve faced taking this on stage? 

I'm still searching for the best way to do live/hybrid sets. But most of the time i'm keeping it simple. Put everything into the Octatrack and building/creating, on the fly, extra layers on top of my set. For now, that's the best way to make it interesting for me and hopefully also for the ppl in front of me.

Do you use the same setup in the studio? I take it you jam stuff live and then edit in a daw? Is it all in one take, or do you go back and forth layering bits? Tell me about that. 

I have a large sample bank that i can use. Some from sample packs, others are created from my machines. We just moved to another location and i had to give up my studio place (garage). It's a temporarily situation, waiting till the daughter is moving out so i can take her place and build the studio up again. In the meantime my daw is the master of everything.

The EP you did for R&S really hooked me in. I know techno like the back of my hand but I found your stuff to be very fresh. Did you have a concept for your style or did it just flow?

Before the R&S release i thought i didn't make techno at all. But they call it techno probably because they didn't know how to label it. For me it was also difficult to answer when ppl in the scene asking what kind of music i was making. It's "electronic" music was my most frequently answer. 

What monitors do you use? 

At the moment i'm using only headphones : Beyerdynamic DT 770

What plugin could you not live without? 

In general : Delay, reverb and distortion

How do you know when a track is finished?

That's a tricky one because most of the time i feel that something extra must be added or something removed, but it's finished when the demo is sent out.

Do you find yourself referencing other tracks to see how your track is coming along in terms of loudness and production?

I have followed a mini course on how to master and i know this was one of the topics to have a reference track. Maybe i should do this but i don't. Using the same EQ setting + Ozone 9 from Izotope.

Is there any part of the writing and production process you dislike?

I dunno but I kind of get bored of sending stuff to labels they don't even listen to, and I'm not pushy enough maybe.

The UX EP is pure fire. You don’t have to answer that.

What’s coming up in your schedule, where can we hear your next set and when can we hear your next release?

I have another collab EP with Tenebre soon on Eternal Damnation ... + one track on a R&S records VA and also one on FIERST (new label from Relapso) + working on different tracks with Positive Centre for his in silent series + new Motive Power (6SISS + Killawatt) ideas ready to work on.

Confirmed lives are : at the Fuse club Bxl & Voltage Festival during summer time. and off course open for more!  

Anything else you’d like to add.. or feel free to ask me a question. 

Keep healthy, world peace  & free beers!

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