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My new label 'DMMT' - First release by NxF is out now.

Updated: May 13, 2020

As you may know I started a new label called DMMT (Don't Make Me Think).

I kicked off the label with some, and I quote NxF themselves "rowdy and cosmopolitan hybrid of techno, jersey club and jungle"

Now, I admit that's not the description that came to mind when I first heard it but I was sure it was a great way to kick off a new label. I think it reminded me of some early Daft Punk and music the 'good old days'. Yes I am old.

Anyway you can make your mind up by listening. We did a full press campaign and for a new label and a new artist things went quite well. Great feedback from radio stations and DJ's.

Started with a review from 5MAG - check it > here <

Then a few premieres from Ransom Note, Hypnotik Groove and Les Yeux Orange.

You can hear and buy the rest of the tracks on bandcamp below, oh and DMMT001 was in The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: April 2020 !

DMMT is a platform for me to release music that i think is great. Simple. Send your demos to

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