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Sound and me.

As a seasoned mixing and mastering engineer, my journey in the music industry started at the age of 14. After spending countless hours refining my skills, I can confidently say that I have mastered the craft. My unwavering passion for experimenting with sound has led me to push boundaries, constantly striving to create something bigger and better than the rest.

Through years of mixing and producing, I have developed an acute sense of hearing, which enables me to produce exceptional results as a mastering engineer. This experience cannot be taught, but it has allowed me to finely tune my ears and develop a unique skillset that sets me apart from the rest.

I understand that the majority of mix problems arise from using small near-field monitors or inaccurate headphones in acoustically challenging environments. As a solution, I rely on my custom-built three-way monitors that can accurately deliver sounds ranging from 22hz to 22000khz. My monitoring chain and acoustic environment is meticulously designed for clarity, definition and to eliminate unwanted reflections, providing me with clear and precise feedback.


To achieve the perfect balance in my workflow I use a combination of hardware and software. While software provides very precise and endlessly flexible solutions, hardware offers that much-needed character. My selection of hardware, including a gentle and warm valve EQ by Thermionic Culture, an super fast Elysia compressor, a HCL Valve compressor and a HCL solid state EQ all allow me to create a refined and clean low-end, improve stereo imaging, enhance or tame transients then add that warmth and glue so many digitally produced tracks need.


My goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome for your masters. If I think that there are tweaks that can be made in the mix, I will offer my feedback, free of charge, and help you achieve a better master. If I believe that your mix needs improvement before mastering, I will provide you with detailed tips and tricks, specifically tailored to your track, for a nominal fee.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or queries.

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