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Pricing and Services

Digital Master - £35 / track - Add £10 for a vinyl or tape pre master - 


Please make sure you CHECK your pre master for errors before sending. I am happy to make amendments to the masters, there is no charge for this. 

8% discount for 2 - 3 tracks.

10% discount for 4 - 8 tracks.

12% discount for 9 - 15 tracks

15% discount for 16 + tracks


Note - Vinyl pre masters are non-limited versions of the digital masters; in order to get the best sound you should send them to a reputable cutting engineer. They may tweak the master further to get the best sound possible onto the vinyl. Sending to a pressing plant does not guarantee good results, but it can. 

Mix feedback - £25 / track


DDP for cd manufacturing - £50


Stem Mixing - £160 / Track (Maximum 20 stems)

Stem Mixing - £110 / Track (Maximum 10 stems)

Mix and Master deal - £170 / track (Maximum 20 stems)

Mini Mix Master Deal - £120 / track (Maximum 8 Stems)

Send pre masters as 24 bit wav / aiff at - 4db or lower, ideally with no compression on the master, but if that is part of the way you get your sound then that's ok, but no limiters on the master.

Send stems as wavs / aiff's in 24 bit if possible. Please make sure the stems aren't clipping and any limiting is removed from the master channel, please check all stems before sending by dropping them into a fresh project. Use your eyes and ears to check there is no peaking and that it sounds as you expect.

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